In my spare time I am a passionate member of the digital arts scene and regularly participate, contribute to and co-organize several events around Europe. I am also an enthusiastic radio amateur having held a full license since 1997.


I am a composer and release most of my material for free, with the occasional track or two released commercially on iTunes and other digital distribution retailers. I am known by two pseudo-names 'RedHeat' and 'm0d', 'RedHeat' relates to material released between 1998 and 2006.

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Please note that Soundcloud does not show tracks in order of release. Therefore many of the tracks on the first page are just recent additions, not necessarily the newest.

Style-wise, I am known to merge unlikely candidate genres, most of the time it is fluke that I manage to get away with it. I have taken several U-turns production-wise; in 2008 when I switched from traditional hardware setup to a pure digital setup, and returning to some older roots in the mod-tracking scene. I now use Renoise (a form of tracker) but with a full compliment of modern virtual instruments.

Please note that I am not that serious about my music as it is 100% a creative escape for enjoyment, fun and the therapeutic process. Therefore, do not be surprised to see odd/strange/rude titles and indeed, sometimes quite offensive styles of music amongst the more sincere, traditionally RedHeat-styled music.


Unix System Administrator


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