My full real name is Red-Ruby Rae Tuby - and my friends call me Red; I have MANY aliases.

I am okey.

I have done a lot of art; mostly musical but now also visual; I cannot produce music any more due to the poor condition of my hands after decades of abuse behind a computer keyboard and mouse. I am due hand surgery; the outlook as a pianist and harpist is NOT GOOD. As of August 2016 I have begun accepting donations to help me distribute my art to those who need it in their lives. I give my stuff out frequently on high quality foiled collectible card prints; to people who really need something to make their day nicer. Please consider donating towards my overheads if you have the means; PayPal only: is my donor address. Please note I do not respond to e-mails due to the aformentioned health issues!

I am frequently stuck with bipolar; it means exactly what Stephen Fry said when he describes his life. I am a rocket scientist, and STEM outreach participant. I am however; entirely self-taught; I hold a ham radio license for quite a long time; before that; I was a pirate :-)

I have osteo-arthritis (advanced) it affects the pain in the fingers; intensely. So I have turned to visual art; with a paintbrush; or more accurately a digital version. Find my NASA award winning stuff on social media. I am not pretentious enough to want to go through the artyfarty. Instagram/Twitter: FIND @WinterBynes and learn science along the way. If you are devious; follow my actual Instagram which is @sparklefingered; naturally!! :D

If you see me in public with my iPad out; please be aware I may be at work and won't appreciate the interruption. I am severely agoraphobic / pleinvrees; I have been attacked and physically abused in public by the public. I like to keep my distance; open spaces don't terrify me; people in them do. You may come to understand this if you can accept that there are people who will stand and watch a human being assaulted by a homophobic assailant. I am utterly non-violent; bystanders are the worst humans.

My stuff is on iTunes/Deezer/Spotify under Winter Bynes; please support and buy if you like; if you can't afford; you're welcome to the free MP3s and FLACs at my free oldskool download area :-) ENJOY!!!!

It is nearly 25 years of hidden work!

I am still preparing and re-releasing all of my old material on all major platforms. I have very good reasons! Transition; please don't be one of those people that uses deadnames to their ex-owners face :-) Have some good-natured old fashioned respect for folks who've have had the hardest voyage. If you don't believe me; just listen to the epics (coming soon).

P.S My family are mostly scumbags :-) except my mom. Read all about it; roll up roll up; nah. I just have a lovely blog of life moments at guess where, yes tumblr (but I do not reblog). I live hundreds of miles from family; I live alone with my wife since 1998 :-) I am gay/poly/trans dug out of repression with a lot of hard work - I am awesome; so expect lewdness.

Love you always.

Have a nice day